4 Burner AUTOMATIC Kebab machine

Product Name: 4 Burner AUTOMATIC Kebab machine
Product Code: AC05-5B
Product Description:
After several years of Research and Development, we have designed and manufactured a Kebab Machine for the modern fast food outlet.
Our goal was to build an attractive looking unit to fit with not just the current, but the future shop design, and improve the general kebab machine in following aspects:
a) Ease of Operation and Cleaning with minimum instructions.
b) Energy saving, therefore a more cost-efficient investment.
c) Exceeding Health and Safety Industry Standards.
d) A reliable and easy-to-service machine.
During the last couple of years, customers who have purchased the Auto Cook can assure that we surpass even our original goals.

The Auto Cook can be operated by any shop assistant, without prior knowledge on kebab cooking with minimum training. Because of the Cook and Hold facility, the product needs no attendance unless serving the customer. There is a practical one-switch operation for cooking or holding, once the timer set the product is always same.

Also revolutionary solid shaft design means kebab meat turns with a hidden motor and the burner bank wraps around the product. There are many advantages to this, including 25-50% less gas consumption, no heat exposure to the operator, convenient distance-adjustment between meat and the burners, and a safe and reliable rotating system.

Because of the Cook and Hold facility, the product is to be served as always in same temperature regardless of the customer frequency. This also prevents bacteria infesting into the meat.

Each burner is separately electronically-controlled, with an electronic flame failure system. All components of the main body including burner mesh are easily removable for separately washing in the wash up area. Excess fat is separated and collected in a drip tray (next to the machine in Bench top models) or bucket inside the cabinet.
Dimensions: 1140mmH x 560mmW x 600mmD
Gas consumption: 48MJ
Price: $